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You are relaxing at home, and suddenly you got a call from a VIP number! Surprisingly it is your friend who has just got a VIP number from his mobile network company. Are you also thinking of acquiring one? As nowadays, these contact numbers are trending like hash tags. Various companies are offering such different VIP numbers to their customers at the regulated price in the market. One can also get a VIP mobile number JIO after clearing out all the formalities with the authorities. It is becoming easy to acquire a VIP number because of the advanced level of competition among all the companies to make their audience stick to them for a longer period. So these companies are also offering the best and the unique contact number they wish to buy.

One may be wondering how a VIP number looks like. It may sound like a unique number to be recalled. That's right because it is the only number where a digit can be repeated in succession. These digits are 1, 9 or 0. If a contact number has seven times 9 or six times 1, it can be called as a VIP number. However, it depends on the telecom services provider what batch he should take out to be sold to the resellers. The budget needs to be high to buy the unique digits as your contact number. There is much important for these numbers as people might recognize your contact as a differentiated one and will refer you for the specific services.

  1. Uniqueness:

Uniqueness is a major point that should not be missed while considering buying a VIP number. How unique the number depends on your budget? Another major point is that how much authentic is that website. A person has to upload his documents on the website; thus, one has to look over the authenticity of the website. How can one forget the transparency point for the online mode of payment? Payment gateways are also considered an important factor to consider while buying a VIP contact number. Selecting a VIP number online has to be the safest option in this present situation. Make sure that contact no. does not involve a big list of spam calls and messages.

  1. Network connection choice:

Right now, which network have you signed up for? There are various network service providers by which you have been connected through the normal digit number. One has to choose among those companies through which they will allow you a new contact number. One can have a JIO VIP number or for some other rival company as well. The proper inquiry of the network should be made before buying the contact number as it will affect the contacts saved in the address book. Appropriate network connections should be there if you have chosen for the business purpose. With the latest services provided for the clients, these network providers are also offering discounts for their regular clients. 

  1. Pricing policies:

Comparing the prices for all the network service providers is the essential step towards buying a VIP number. These policies might distract you for a second as you are getting a unique ID for yourself but keeping your requirements in mind; these policies might give you a different look for further formalities. One should not fear the new system, but they should enjoy the services provided to you by the same company. The price comparison step is an important one because you might be investing a huge amount in getting a Hexa number. The reason behind this is different companies might have different batches for the unique contact number.

  1. After-sales services:

Customer is the king of the market, and customer satisfaction should be the sole motto for the companies to stand by it no matter what the situation at that time would be. After-sales services are announced before the buying options, but they are to be implemented after the sales are done by the traders. One needs to check out the after-sales services of the company for the same purpose. The reason is that we are investing a lot in this contact number issue. If the service is not great enough, the investment would not be profitable for further concern. Having an effective communication strategy should be the primary aim of the company to pursue sales forward with the client. Customer care should be the strongest point for the authorities as one may have any kind of query to ask at the time of installation of the sim.

Numberwale - It is a website which sells VIP phone number to its clients anytime and anywhere. Numberwale has offered the sim from the lowest price to the highest range as per the customer's budget. They will provide you with the best services from installation to saving the contacts and how this number can be used for the business motives. The website has connected itself to a huge list of clients all over India. They have made available a plethora of ranges for the different digits to be combined to form a VIP number. They have been providing satisfactory and accurate services to their customers as they know what is going around in this telecom market.

Now it is a hassle-free process to get a VIP number as one has to just upload the necessary documents and then they have their desired phone number. We have provisions for GST invoices as well. The client's family is still adding to the website as one might choose for easy access to their VIP number. They have a safe payment gateway to complete the entire process without worrying so much. Now, anyone can get a phone number of their choice.

The bottom line is that one has to carefully look at the services that all the companies have been providing to their customers. They have to take certain precautions to buy the phone number of their own choice by uploading necessary information.