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In today’s world, people are just a call away. No matter how far or near, a phone call can help you communicate. Irrespective of the type of conversation, whether personal or business, there is always the need for interaction between people. Whether you have to call someone staying seven seas apart or a person staying at a stone’s throw away, a call definitely makes your job done in a matter of seconds. Thus, a mobile number is indispensable to get in touch with someone. We use a mobile number for several years, sometimes even for an entire lifetime. Therefore, you must carefully choose a mobile number. You can choose a customized VIP mobile number to create your unique identity. Before we try to know the benefits of a VIP mobile number, we must understand what a customized VIP number is

What is a fancy or VIP mobile number?

The first thing that we note down to remain in contact with a person is their mobile number. Most often, we hear the ordinary mobile numbers that have many digits in random order. Nevertheless, sometimes you may encounter people who have a unique set of patterned mobile numbers such as 9876543210, 1777777777, and 5432112345. When you hear of such numbers, you immediately feel that there is something extraordinary or distinguished about it. Fancy numbers are exactly such numbers. 

How to obtain a VIP customized mobile number

Unlike some 30 years ago, when only celebrities could own a VIP mobile number, it is now not at all difficult to obtain a customized number. You can get a VIP number from the e-commerce portals or from your nearest telecom provider. After choosing a number according to your preference and requirements, you have to make a payment. Once the payment is made, you will receive a sim for your special number. The sim gets activated in 2-3 days. You can even get your mobile number customized. For example, if your child’s birth has been the most special and memorable event in your life, you can use the digits of his/her birthdate in your mobile number. For instance, if you were blessed with your first child on 26.8.2010, you can get these digits incorporated into your mobile number. It gives you the joy and delight of using a mobile number of your choice.

Benefits of a VIP number

• A unique VIP number, such as 010-222-999-786, is always a memorable one. Psychologists believe that the human brain can retain information easily for up to seven digits. However, a mobile number comprises of more than seven digits. Therefore, it must have a unique pattern of numbers to be easy to remember.

• A fancy mobile number helps as it can be remembered without difficulty. All those who are an important part of your business, such as your boss, colleague, partner, and staff, and friends, family, can easily remember a customized VIP number. VIP number benefits your company, as the customized mobile number will make a big impact on your clients.

• A VIP mobile number looks flashy when highlighted on your business stationery. When your fancy mobile number is displayed on billboards, leaflets, pamphlets, business cards, websites, and email signatures, it makes a deep impact on your business greatly. This VIP mobile number will stay with you even if you move to another city or town or change the location of your business or job.

• Your brand gets recognized easily and quickly with a VIP customized mobile number. Your business gets a unique image and goodwill when you use a mobile number with multiple same digits.

• With a VIP number, people are able to form an image of you and your brand almost instantly in their minds. It tells them your character, personality, memorable life events, business ethics, and how much effort you take in to stand out in the crowd. Your friends, business contacts, and others, in general, are hugely impacted when they see a VIP mobile number that you use for personal or business reasons. It gives them the impression of the hard work you put in to outshine everyone else in your field of business. It will not only help cast a good impression and reputation on your business but also looks stylish, fashionable, and classy. Moreover, it will be easy to recall to your customers. A VIP mobile number uses a combination of alphabet and numbers to increase the recall value of your advertising. Studies say that special or customized VIP numbers are easier to remember by as much as 30-50%.

• Fancy mobile number helps people to track you easily. In business, your Marketing Campaigns will be easily tracked if you are using a VIP number. The marketing emails you sent to your esteemed clients a few days back can be easily and effectively tracked with the fancy mobile number.

• It is good to invest in a VIP choice mobile number if you have your own website or if you sell your products and services online. Simply add a VIP number to your online business and observe how your business expands and multiplies. The calls made on your fancy number can be easily tracked. With your system having the facility of call tracking, you can create a database of leads, know your customers thoroughly, export data to other programs, and look into the ROI of your marketing campaigns.  

These are a few reasons why you should definitely opt for a customized mobile number and how beneficial it is for your image in your personal and professional life. You will be a face that is easy to recognize. It definitely adds a unique aspect and that oomph factor to your personality, which people remember for a long time. Your brand or business will now be recognized from your unique mobile number. So without any delay, quickly buy a choice mobile number online to stand out from the crowd. It also gives you the satisfaction of using a number of your choice.