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In the modern world, communication is mainly based on phone calls. Irrespective of the scale or type of business, there is always the need for interaction between the company and clients. Whether you have to call someone staying miles apart from you or a next-door neighbour, a call definitely makes your job done in a matter of seconds. Thus, you cannot do without a mobile number as it a valuable asset. We use a mobile number for many years, sometimes even for an entire lifetime. Therefore, you must choose a mobile number with caution. You can choose a fancy mobile number to make your identity unique and distinguished. Before we try to know the benefits of a fancy number in our business, we must understand what a fancy number is.

What is a fancy or unique mobile number?

The first thing that we note down to stay in touch with a person is their mobile number. Most often, we hear the usual mobile numbers that have many digits in any order. Nevertheless, sometimes you may come across a few people who have a unique set of patterned mobile numbers, examples of which are 9876543210, 1777777777, and 5432112345. When you hear of such numbers, you instantly feel that there is something different or unique about it. Fancy numbers are exactly such numbers.

How to obtain a fancy number for your business

Unlike earlier times, when only celebrities could own a fancy mobile number, it is now not at all difficult to obtain a unique number. You can get a VIP number from the online portals or from your nearest telecom provider. After choosing a number according to your likes and needs, you have to make a payment. Once the payment is done, you will receive a sim for your number. It takes 2-3 days for the sim to be activated. You can even get your mobile number customized. For example, if your wedding has been the most special and memorable event in your life, you can use the digits of your wedding date in your mobile number. For instance, if you tied the nuptial knot on 16.8.2012 you can get these digits incorporated into your mobile number. It gives you the satisfaction of using a mobile number of your choice.

Benefits of a fancy number for your business

  • A unique VIP number, such as 010-222-999,786 can be a memorable one. Psychologists are of the opinion that the human brain is able to remember information without difficulty for up to seven digits. However, a mobile number comprises of more than seven digits. Therefore, it must contain a special pattern of numbers so that it can be easy to remember it.
  • A fancy mobile number helps as it can be recalled easily. All those who are an integral part of your business, such as your colleague, partner, and staff, and friends, family, can easily remember a fancy number. VIP numbers are beneficial to your company, as the fancy mobile number will make a great impact on your clients.
  • The fancy mobile number looks attractive when highlighted on your business stationery. When your fancy mobile number is flashed on billboards, leaflets, pamphlets, business cards, websites, email signatures, it influences your business greatly. This fancy mobile number will remain with you even if you move to a new location for your business.
  • Fancy mobile number helps your brand get easy recognition. Your brand gets quick and easy recognition with your unique mobile number. You can create goodwill and image of your business by selecting a mobile number that has multiple same digits.
  • With a fancy number, your customers are able to immediately form an image of you in their minds. It tells them your mode of work, business ethics, and how much effort you take in to outshine others in the crowd. Your clients are deeply impacted when they see a fancy mobile number that you use for your business. It gives them the impression of your willingness to outshine everyone else in your field of business. It will not only help leave a good impression on your business but also looks stylish, fashionable, and classy. Moreover, it will be easy to recall to your customers. A combination of alphabet and numbers is used in a VIP mobile number to increase the recall value of your advertising. Studies reveal that special or fancy numbers are easier to recall by as much as 30-50%.
  • Fancy mobile number helps your Marketing Campaigns to be easily tracked. The marketing emails that you sent to your esteemed clients a few days back or so can be easily and effectively tracked with the fancy mobile number. You can allow your sales staff to attend the calls of your customers by combining your business VOIP with your fancy mobile number.
  • It is good to invest in a fancy number for your virtual office if you have a business website, if you sell your products and services online, if you operate on a national level. Simply add a VIP number to your virtual office and observe how your business expands and multiplies. The calls made on your fancy number can be easily tracked. With your system enabled with a call tracking facility, you can build a database of leads, know well your customers, export data to other programs, and analyse the ROI of your marketing campaigns. 

These are a few reasons why you should definitely opt for fancy mobile numbers online and how beneficial it is for your business. You will see growth in your business. It definitely adds a unique aspect and a fashion statement to your brand, which people remember for a long time. Your brand or business will now be recognized from your unique mobile number. So without further delay, hurry up and get one fancy mobile number to stand out from the crowd. You will rest assured of outshining your competitors and build a unique image of your business in the minds of the people.