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We often come across a couple of people in business connections and relatives where they have the same mobile number for more than a decade. It is because the mobile number became a part of their identity. All the work calls are dependent on that one phone number that the person gives out in public. For this, entrepreneurs and other working officials prefer to buy a unique or VIP mobile no.

With the changing times, the availability of VIP numbers has become more common and convenient in the market, as they are now available online. People often pick a number that is easily recallable and catching to the eye. The craze has become so familiar to the public that today's youth prefers to buy a VIP mobile number than any random phone number.

People might change their mobile phones, work-place or even phone address but would never want to change their mobile numbers. For this, they prefer a customized mobile number resembling something personal or having emotional significance to them. It could be similar to the mobile numbers already existent in the family, resemblance to their car number plate, or matching their birthday or anniversary or bank account number. Usually, customers prefer a mobile number that catches their eye. It could be repetitive in numerology such that a particular number is easily memorable. It could have a single-digit recurring three to five times in a row or have a couple of digits recurring repetitively all over.

These VIP mobile numbers come out very beneficial to the commercial merchants who are on the verge of promoting their number to the public. In today's lifestyle, we are all closely attached to mobile phones because of its convenience and identity attachment at multiple levels. It has become a crucial part of our lives, so is the value of online businesses. Many people want to sell their products and services online, for which the use of mobile phones and the promotion of unique mobile numbers have become very important for customer support.

Earlier, there were lesser facilities for the availability of the VIP mobile number as requested by the customers. It was because of the limited stock of the VIP mobile numbers available with the retailers. These VIP mobile numbers were instantly picked up by the sellers and sold at a higher price. They usually hold a particular series of patterned mobile numbers.

Now that it is easy to buy VIP numbers online, the customers can look for phone numbers with a specific set of digits in them as per their requirements. They can now check out the list of free numbers that might come out suitable and lucky for some customers. This way, they can easily order a VIP mobile no. from online platforms. There are no more requirements to visit the stores to check. With the launch of the portal to order sim online, customers can directly check the list of mobile numbers available or check if the required mobile number is already in existence with the public.

The potential customers can check the availability of a mobile number with a unique pattern and see if it comes in the category which is in more demand to the customers. Companies have a separate list for this, naming premium numbers. When we see a list of VIP numbers online on a website, it is easily observable that a particular retailer may have a series of unique numbers in sequence. It explains that he may have a specific batch of what the market has to offer. As and when these numbers' list releases with the resellers, they quickly sell out at competitive prices. It depends on the uniqueness and demand for that fancy mobile number. Usually, the pricing for a requested mobile number varies between ₹1500 to ₹2000, which people often comfortably spend on buying a VIP mobile number.

Once the choice of VIP number finalizes, the buyer then proceeds with the payment for the same. The dealer then officially sends the buyer a unique porting code along with its invoice. UPC and the invoice are the proofs that assure the purchase. The buyer can then visit their nearby telecommunication service provider and show them the invoice. They may request the buyer for identity proof like Aadhar card or driving license or other required documents that are government authorized. It is a necessary protocol for the purchase. They register the VIP mobile number against the buyer's documents approved online, and the sim is issued. The sim with a VIP mobile number activates within three days. This way, it is more convenient to find the most suitable one and easily buy a fancy mobile number online.