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A couple of decades back, getting a mobile phone was like another luxury. Finding a mobile number against it was more of a necessity to communicate, better than the telephones. Now, we observe the growth of rising prices of mobile phones with their increasing demand, and so is the desire to buy a fancy mobile number.

With the evolution of time and complexity of human nature at work, things are more simplified as well as developed with the available material and technological resources. Here, we will recognize the importance of owning a VIP mobile number with the convenience of its availability, which will further explain the benefits of the same.

A regular mobile number becomes a fancy number either because they are uniquely patterned, or some sequence attached, making it easy to remember. The trend of owning an extraordinary and fancy mobile number is prevalent among the youth for the last few years. As we are aware of its increasing trend, the telecom service providers have made sufficient efforts to fulfil the rising demand with the convenience of the resources available to the public.

Fancy mobile numbers are like a couple of digits recurring all over or a particular number occurring 3 to 5 times. There may be a sequence of numbers in any form. Majorly, mobile numbers with 1s and 9s, in the end, are highly demanded and thus, are overly priced.

Look for resemblance in numbers with important dates and choose one

People find multiple methods to make their selected mobile number the most suitable one. The portal now allows prospective customers to go online on their recognized telecommunication website and find their lucky one from the available list of mobile numbers. It also allows the customers to order a VIP mobile number with a specific pattern, matching the client's birth date, anniversary date, or car number plate. It is because people often look for resemblance in numbers when they have a chance to pick one from the lot available.

They may also prefer selecting a mobile number similar to the already existing mobile numbers in the family.

Buy a fancy number and sell it at higher prices in future

Since the customers themselves have the liberty to choose a preferred mobile number, their demand, and consequently, the pricing has also risen. The pricing usually starts around ₹1000, which the general public is more comfortable to bear against a fancy mobile number. The prices are offered, keeping in mind the convenience and demand with the buyers. The desire to own a VIP mobile number is so high that they are ready to spend crores of rupees for their uniquely patterned mobile number. Even when they are insanely priced, the owners do not prefer selling it at a higher price. It is because they have gained an identity against it, and they treat it like an investment and would keep it for long periods to earn higher in the future. It is legal for the dealer to charge any price according to the particular mobile number's demand. Now, people are more engaged in buying a fancy mobile number to sell it at higher prices in the future, as the price rise expectation is always higher. This way, the person owning a VIP mobile number is signifying their luxury lifestyle.

Adds to your identity

The purpose of people owning a VIP mobile number is because they want to give an identity attachment through their specially patterned mobile number. They want to keep the same mobile number for a period of a lifetime; this is also a reason why they spend a hefty amount on buying a VIP number.

Market before VIP numbers were available online

Earlier, they had to travel to their nearby network service provider back and forth and check if they had their preferred sim number. The processing of the supply of mobile numbers to the local service providers was quite limited. If you had visited a service provider, he had had a particular series of patterned VIP mobile numbers that too in a sequence, and the pricing put against it could not be much higher. It worked the same way in the entire market as the frequency of new mobile numbers' availability was too slow because the demand was also limited.

Rising demand with more inclination towards the use of mobile phones-present scenario

In today's lifestyle, every other person owns a mobile phone because of the extraordinary assistance and convenience it offers. The general public is more inclined towards buying a mobile phone as the market to buy, sell, and earn more is diverse and extravagantly high. It is because technology has brought an evolution in time. The lifestyle of the people has changed with the convenience and availability of the online market. People prefer a VIP mobile number over an ordinary mobile number because they want it to be catchy to the eye to be easily recallable and memorable to the general public.

Helps promote the business motives

People majorly use a VIP mobile number for business motives. It is because a fancy mobile number which is specially patterned, like 7878777777 would give an identity attachment to their business firm. We are aware of the fact that the available technology has enabled the commercial market to buy and sell products and services across borders. Internet and developing technology has helped and allowed the telecom market to expand diversely. It depends on the demand for the entrepreneur's product. To outperform and present themselves separate from the herd, entrepreneurs and corporate officials use multiple strategies to gain and maintain a significant share in the market. With the increasing competition, they have to put in consistent extraneous efforts to maintain a recognized position in the market. For this, they prefer to buy a fancy mobile number.

Used as customer support service to attract their attention

When put as a customer support service number, which is catchy to the eye, a fancy mobile number has helped the prospective customers gain more attention towards the information on the products and services they are offering to the public. This way, the corporate officials invest a 'good' sum of money on buying a VIP mobile number, which helps them gain a larger share of the market and earn multiple profits.

Thus, it is beneficial to buy VIP mobile number online has brought convenience and gains to the public through its identity attachment. There is an expectation to expand the horizons of growth in the coming future as well.