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One way by which people can get in touch with you even after several years is by making a phone call to you on your mobile number. It does not matter if the person is staying far or near, is old or young when it comes to staying in touch. We cannot live without our mobile phones. Our mobile numbers have become our unique identity amongst friends, family, relatives, banking, and social media.

You might change the location of your home, business enterprise, or office, switch jobs and change mobile devices. However, people do not like changing numbers unless if there is a genuine reason behind it. When you are used to having one mobile number, changing into a new one would mean feeding all information and contacts once again, sharing the new number with the vast circle of people you know, etc. Moreover, the number has given you various opportunities, helped you build new contacts over the years. After using a mobile number for a long time, we tend to have an emotional attachment to it, and slowly it becomes a part of our identity. The sentimental value attached to a number is of great value. Some people do not mind using the usual mobile numbers. While some others want a unique pattern of digits or a customized mobile number. They choose uniquely patterned digits which may have the numbers of their special events incorporated in them. VIP mobile numbers not only look stylish and classy but also help build a distinctive impression in the minds of the people.

Several e-commerce portals sell the fancy or customized numbers. Now when you place an order online for a SIM, you can choose the number of your choice. The fancy number you choose is based entirely on your choice. If you are looking for a VIP number, you will be provided with a list of premium numbers to choose from.

Reasons to Choose a Fancy/VIP Mobile Number

  1. You can match it to any special event of your life like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.
  2. You can match your lucky number or fancy mobile number to other numbers like bank accounts or your car's license plate.
  3. Your family members can choose similar-looking numbers that are either complementary or have the same pattern.
  4. And finally, it could be based on numerology or astrology.

Earlier you had to visit the retail outlets to get your fancy numbers. Moreover, there was a possibility of not obtaining the number of your choice due to non-availability. However, with the start of the online SIM Ordering Portals, you have several options to choose from, making it easy and quick for you to find the VIP number of your choice.

Fancy numbers impact business as well. Irrespective of the magnitude or scale of business, communication is an important part. No business in today's times can do without a mobile number. A phone number is a vital component of its personal and product branding. Customers can easily remember, recall, and link a VIP number with branding compared to any random digit. Order a SIM online, select your number, and enjoy the attention that you receive.

The fancy numbers are the unique mobile numbers created by positioning some numbers in a unique pattern. The VIP numbers can be customized by considering the name, personality, and preference of a customer. You can choose your VIP number, which suits the type of a person you are or is loved most by you. There is a huge range of fancy numbers available in the online portals, and the customers can select anyone according to their preference. They can go through the list of the available VIP Numbers and narrow down their search to a number of their choice. They can also book the number for use in the future. You are also provided with the option to change the selected number. The customer has to fill up an application form to place an order for the unique numbers. They have to enter the PIN on the website to confirm their order and must duly submit the required documents at the nearest service centre. Prices differ for the VIP numbers, and you can book a VIP number by paying the said amount. Once your number is finalized, make the payment and then proceed to checkout. Within sixty minutes or so, you will receive a Unique Porting Code (UPC) along with the bill on your registered mobile number. You can visit your closest telecom provider or mobile store and port the number. You can select any network for sim portability on your name. Along with the VIP fancy number, all other facilities are provided according to the tariff plan. The telecom providers' smart and hardworking employees are making it easy for people to Buy VIP Mobile Numbers. They offer detailed guidance to the client about the process and manage the rest themselves. 

Thus, we know that it is not at all difficult to obtain a fancy mobile number in today's time. Only the upper class or celebrities could show off their unique mobile number three decades back or so. The online revolution has made it so easy to pick and order the mobile number of our choice. Anyone can get easy access to VIP mobile numbers for sale without having to pay an exorbitant amount.

These days, it has become a fashion statement and style to possess a VIP mobile number; many people are purchasing VIP Mobile Numbers. They are easy to recall and look different from ordinary mobile numbers. Not only does it make you outshine others, but it gives you a special identity. People are able to immediately come up with an image of you and your brand in their minds. In a heavily populated country like India, it is so difficult to outshine others due to the fierce competition. So why not get a VIP mobile number to look unique and different.