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For some people, a mobile number is merely a series of numbers provided by the telephone company to help you reach out to people for any kind of work. However, some people, especially businessmen, realize the importance of buying a VP number online because fancy or premium numbers give you a unique identity from uncountable random mobile numbers. A VIP number is especially advantageous for businesspeople as they help companies and brands stand apart and recognizable to customers and target audiences. Before we get started on the reasons to buy a VIP mobile number, let’s understand what a fancy or VIP mobile number actually is.

What is the VIP phone number? Many people prefer to get a VIP number as it is easy to remember and sounds unique. Some examples of a mobile number are 9111111111, 8080808080, 7865278652, 6556655665, etc.

How to get a VIP number?

VIP numbers have been used for more than 30 years. Until a few years back, it was difficult to obtain a VIP number and only the well-known politician and celebrities could own it. Now having a VIP number is not that big deal. You can get easy access to a fancy mobile number through online portals. A VIP number is of different types. You can select a VIP number based on your preference. 

For example, a VIP number can consist of ‘515253’. If you have your business or corporate website, fancy numbers prove beneficial when flashed on the site. It’s not easy to get a VIP mobile number in the open market. These numbers are released in the market in batches and are almost immediately sold out. Resellers sell them at a high price. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, these VIP numbers are now mostly sold online. 

How to get VIP mobile number online

There are a number of VIP mobile number providers on the internet. These sellers have a series of VIP numbers available with them. Check the list and choose a number of your preference. Once selected, you will have to pay the dealer a sum of money. The price varies from one dealer to another, and for premium VIP numbers, you may have to splurge a hefty amount.

After you have made the payment, the dealer will send you a Unique Porting Code (UPC) for the number and an invoice. After getting the UPC, you can visit your nearest telecom service provider’s service centre and provide them with the UPC and the necessary documents. You will then be given a SIM for the number that will get activated within 2-3 days.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of scammers who portray as being genuine online sellers. So before you buy the VIP number, perform all necessary checks, such as getting a call you from the VIP number.

If you do not prefer to opt for this method, you can go to the nearest service centre of any telecom provider and try your hands to find a unique mobile number if they have.

Top reasons to buy a VIP mobile number online include:

With a VIP number, you can bind together extraordinary groups or patterns of digits to make them look attractive and, therefore, make them easier to remember (e.g., 999,333,555, etc.). As per psychologists, the average human brain has the potential to store in mind up to seven pieces of information (i.e., numbers) with ease. However, modern mobile numbers include many digits, such as the area codes. However, creating special patterns that help make phone numbers easier to remember will help your customers recognize and understand your business more easily. It helps them to remember what number to dial if they need your services. Therefore, a VIP number makes it quick and simple for people to remember. With a unique and personalized number combination, you can secure a number for a lifetime.

A unique mobile number could represent a special date or memorable event in your life, such as your wedding date, birthday, the date when your first child was born. It has an emotional sentiment to it. It may mean something very important for you and your loved ones.

Importance of VIP mobile number-

some people do not mind paying a big amount to get a unique mobile number. Instead of using any random and boring mobile number, people now prefer using a VIP number, which can be purchased online. Your mobile number gives you a unique identity, and we use it for a very long time, so why not use a fancy or premium VIP mobile number!

VIP number for sale helps build your identity in this busy, hectic and competitive world. It makes you stand out from the crowd. In a country like India, which is heavily populated, it is easy to get lost in a crowd. A fancy mobile number is easily recognized. Even though not everyone can be a VIP, but we can surely own a VIP or fancy mobile number for business or personal reasons.

Apart from personal benefits, VIP numbers are also beneficial to your business. A unique mobile number makes your business look professional. The unique contact number helps you outshine your competitors. In addition, your brand will be easily recognizable with a unique number. A unique mobile number makes your marketing and advertising stylish and classy. A unique mobile number displayed on banners, leaflets, business cards etc. will easily draw the attention of the potential customers.

With all of the above reasons, we are sure you will not think twice before acquiring a fancy mobile number to make your call experience better!

These days, having a Fancy Mobile Number has become a fashion statement. More and more people prefer to buy VIP numbers online as they are easy to remember and look different from the usual mobile numbers. With the increasing use of phone calls, the mobile number has become a matter of utmost importance to all of us. Therefore, it is important to possess a unique number.